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Vet to Vet Consults

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Vet to Vet Consults Empty Vet to Vet Consults

Post by BabyLoveGliders on Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:19 am

Courtesy of Peggy (SRLB)

These numbers are for YOUR VET to consult with....They will NOT return or take calls if it is not from another vet. If you would like to add a vet please pm an Admin with all the information.

Dr.Tim Tristan
OSO Creek Animal Hospital

Dr. Bradley Walsh
Village Vet Animal Clinic/All Creatures Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Andrew Grzanowski
Canton Center Animal Hospital

Dr. Kate Zimmerman
TriCounty Animal Hospital
(has 24hr emergency contact info on her office answering machine)


Dr. Teresa Bradley
Belton Animal Clinic

Dr. Kristen West
Mandel Veterinary Hospital
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