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This forum is based on free speech and the content within is the property of the individual posters. This forum contains adult language and content. The forum owner, administrators and moderators are not responsible for content not their own.This forum is intended for individuals above the age of 18. By agreeing to the rules and terms set forth within you are stating that you are of legal age. The owner, administrators and moderators are not responsible for any members who lie about their age to gain unlawful access to this forum. BY ACCEPTING OUR RULES TO GAIN ACCESS TO OUR FORUM, YOU ARE STATING THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS FORUM USES FOUL LANGUAGE, ABUSIVE LANGUAGE AND ONE OF OUR GOALS IS TO HELP MAINTAIN THE INTEGRITY OF THE SUGAR GLIDER COMMUNITY BY RIDDING IT OF LIARS, SCAMMERS AND THIEVES BY EXPOSING THEIR LIES AND DECEIT.EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS A RIGHT TO POST A NEGATIVE COMMENT ABOUT ANOTHER MEMBER PROVIDING THAT MEMBER HAS THE RIGHT TO POST IN HIS/HER OWN DEFENSE.IF YOU FIND THIS IDEA OFFENSIVE, PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT OUR RULES AND RETURN TO A MILDER SUGAR GLIDER FORUM WHERE YOUR DELICATE SENSIBILITIES WILL NOT BE OFFENDED!!!! ANY member(s) suspected of hacking, multiple screen names, violation of trust, filing false reports with the forum host, etc., will immediately have their memberships terminated. Use of this forum is VOLUNTARY, but in no way guaranteed. We reserve the right to ban or deactivate members at ANY time, for any reason deemed appropriate by two administrators or moderators.