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Experience w/Birmingham AL Vets?

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Experience w/Birmingham AL Vets? Empty Experience w/Birmingham AL Vets?

Post by sabarika on Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:33 pm

I have one exotics vet I spoke with that has experience with sugar gliders--Dr. Alvin Atlas at Riverview Animal Clinic. They said the emergency clinic also has an exotics vet on call. I'm curious if there's anyone here in AL who can recommend any good clinics within an hour or so drive of Birmingham or any vets IN Birmingham. I just got off the phone with 2 clinics, one doesn't take gliders (they said call the Wildlife hotline) and the other said call tomorrow to talk to the small animal vet. I just want the widest range of contacts I can get BEFORE investing in suggies again so I don't get caught unawares in an emergency. It's a shame my dog's vet doesn't do exotics because they are GREAT with my dog and my boyfriends cats. :3 If anyone has experience or numbers I can call let me know.
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