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Post by kristopherderose on Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:57 am

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Anne Troff, Abra, Abrashea what do these people have in common you might ask? What they have in common is that they are all the same people Anne Troff is a scamer that has many friends and other names that she goes by.

Anne Troff frist started out by posting about her melistic glider Midnight. Witch she had none of the sort. Anne knew how to do computer graphics so she would steal peoples pictures of their sugar gliders to make her own glider named Midnight and just paint on the picture. She started this in 2003 If I am not mistaken. She has been scamming since she was 16 or so she says.

Here is a picture of Midnight and a "Platinum" glider that she tried to make. Notice on Midnight the nose is pink along with the hands/paws and the inside of the ears. The originals of these pictures were taken from GliderCentral members, right from their gallaries, and photo shopped by Anne Troff.

Also notice that the gliders color gets more black or less black in each photo! Although this was NOT her first scam. Her first same was on a very nice lady selling an unrelated pair of albino hets. Here is the post

Here is a link to her first scam ever!

But Anne Troff has many people that will help her and just watch out when you are offering cheap gliders because she will take advanage of it.She will take normal grey gliders and sell them as hets for Albino Leucistic Mosaic and Platinum. Even though she is very nice she only acts that way to get what she wants! She will act nice to get your glider! Or she will also offer you over asking price sometimes by $500.00 just to get a color glider.

Anne Troff targets new comers to the glider world to make friends with so that they have a clean name so that they can buy her gliders so she can have colors. Anne Troff buys gliders then someone catch her scamming then she will go and sell them all. Saying she is getting out of gliders she has done this many times before!

Buyer and Sellers beware this is a warning so that our members at Animal Craze do NOT get scammed by her! For more information and other names she uses or has used please visit if you have any update on her please PM me or Emailing me at

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